Track your customers' spending behaviour

Unlock the newly updated and revealing detailed spend behaviour across Acorn demographics, product category and location type

Spend Dimensions report Q1 2023

What does insights does Spend Dimensions provide your business?

Through Spend Dimensions, you can track customer spending behaviour across multiple UK shopping destinations and benchmark behaviours across stores and assets. Our quarterly reports share the latest highlights by demographic and category to effectively assess brand performance and consumer spending.

Spend Dimensions wallet
Share of wallet

Understand where shoppers are spending against your competitors

Spend Dimensions pound
Average Transaction Value

Track the ATV of shoppers in your retail destination

Spend Dimensions card
Spend and tranactions over time

Monitor quarterly sales from your destination

Spend Dimensions laptop
Online / Offline share

Find out how much spend shoppers are spending on fashion, durable and convenience both in-store and online

Spend Dimensions map
Regional Performance

Understand the regional performance of all retail destinations

Spend Dimensions house
Asset Class Performance

Understand spend by asset class

Spend Dimensions performance
Product Category Performance

Understand how product categories are performing within your retail destination

Spend Dimensions people
Acorn profiling

Spend Dimensions is broken down by 22 Acorn groups


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