The NHS data conundrum - data-rich, insight-poor

Understanding the issues to unlock a new era of effective data

HI Data effectiveness LP

What's inside?

Our latest white paper highlights the challenges faced by the NHS in effectively utilising the vast amount of data it collects. This paper emphasises the need for a new approach to data management, highlighting issues such as complex data structures, varied user requirements, and inadequate data governance. It proposes a vision of an ideal data ecosystem with seamless integration, comprehensive analytics, and user-friendly reporting tools.

Current situation

Current situation: the challenge of ineffective use of data within the NHS, despite its vast collection, aiming to unlock its potential for improving services and patient outcomes.

Ideal Scenario

Ideal scenario: a unified data platform providing accurate, real-time, and historical data with seamless access and strong governance for secure sharing.

Current challenges

Current challenges: include the massive volume of complex data, diverse user requirements, varying levels of data literacy, and issues with data privacy and security.

User needs

User needs: the paper identifies three distinct user communities within the NHS—executives, clinical leaders, and analysts—each with specific data requirements.

Proposed solution

Proposed solution: Promoting a holistic approach to data transformation. Unlock NHS data potential by reevaluating architecture, engaging stakeholders, and prioritising user needs.


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