Building resilient places through Six Pillars of success

Learn which locations across the UK are considered 'balanced' based on six purposes that connect the built environment to its community.

Six Pillars of Success Building Resilient Places

What makes a location 'perfectly balanced', and how exactly can balance be achieved? 

While it is evident that the "one-size-fits-all" approach to placemaking needs to change, what are the properties required to create thriving places, as people typically engage with communities within a 15 minute range of their spaces.

Our report breaks down six property pillars that can 'balance' a location by contributing to community and asset resilience by responding directly to the needs, wants and identities of the local audience.

We have examined the principles needed to help build long term resilience and balance into new development and places. We have also included five case studies to illustrate in practice some of the issues highlighted as well as the solutions being applied to help create resilient places for the future.

The Six Pillars

RIGHT SIZING RETAIL: 37% of the population actively seek out independent retailers over chains
COMMUNITY SPACES TO LOVE: understand the need for amenities in the community
WORKING NEAR HOME: understand local demand levels to unlock potential co-working provision
UNIQUE OFFLINE EXPERIENCES: experiences that cannot be replicated in-home
SUPPORTING SOCIAL COHESION THROUGH BETTER RESIDENTIAL DESIGN: residential units should be closely aligned to the needs of the local community


CREATING GREAT PLACES: sustainably built places enhance the environment by encouraging biodiversity


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