Brand Dimensions is the pulse of the UK consumer

Track the total monthly spend, average spend and market share of 300 UK brands

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What does Brand Dimensions do?

Brand Dimensions understands the power of brand performance and loyalty. This game-changing data dissects how brands are performing, and the share of spend they are taking from UK consumers.
The Brand Dimensions dashboard profiles 300 of the UK’s brands - both leading and emerging brands - tracks nearly £4bn in monthly transactional sales, across 40 regions and is broken down by 22 Acorn demographic groups across online and offline channels.

What can Brand Dimensions do for your business?

This powerful insight will allow you to assess the performance of brands within both your sector and the wider consumer market, monitor trends across consumer spend, and identify high performing brands so you can benchmark your brand as well as identify opportunity for growth.

MSD_Brand Dimensions_Market Share
Market share

Track the market share of your brand against competitors

MSD_Brand Dimensions_Pounds
Average Transaction Value

Track the wallet share of shoppers across your brand

MSD_Brand Dimensions_Transactions
Spend and transactions over time

Monitor month-on-month sales across your brand

MSD_Brand Dimensions_Regional
Regional performance

Measure brand performance at a regional level

MSD_Brand Dimensions_Profiling
Acorn profiling

Brand Dimensions is broken down by 22 Acorn groups

MSD_Brand Dimensions_Online
Online & Offline share and performance

Track monthly sales of  both in-store and online

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