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Data. Efficiency. Outcomes

Initiatives including Sustainability and Transformation Plans and Five Year Forward have a real role to play in shaping how healthcare providers use and act on data. But what tools do you need and how can you effectively support a strategy for integrated services across the NHS, CCGs and local authority care services?


Find out how we’re helping NHS trusts and their commissioning and community partners to improve how they share and act on data to improve the future of healthcare service delivery.

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Integrating healthcare services, predicting patient in-flows to better manage resources and standardising IT systems to streamline process and cut costs. Just some of the ways that you can use data and insight to drive change.

Our eBook looks at the current state of play, with practical examples of how analytics tools play a critical role in uncovering hidden insights and supporting a more integrated approach to healthcare services.

Discover more about:

The technical task ahead

Technology’s role in improving care quality & delivery

Data sharing challenges and opportunities

The role of mobile and predictive analytics

And more.


At CACI we’re helping our healthcare clients to explore clinical, financial and operational data through Qlik’s visual analytics software. With powerful, self-service BI, we’re helping our clients to reveal hidden insights in their data, answer “what happened?”, “why?” and “what next?” and provide a means of taking data from Ward to Board. 

As a result they can discover insights that lead to improvements in care, reduced costs and better outcomes for patients.

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